“I’m thankful that we found this preschool for our son. He feels so loved and safe, and that means so much to me as a parent.” -Abbie Z.

“My son exceeded my expectations this year. I believe this was due to the amazing teachers.” -Nici E.

“My son has taken great strides this school year. I truly appreciate all you do for him. He is ready for kindergarten!” -Kristen H.

“Little Friends takes pride in our children and their learning progress! I honestly couldn’t have chosen a better school for my son!” -Ashley S.

“The teachers are organized, hard-working, and patient (I know this isn’t easy.) My son learns so much through their teaching practices!” -Courtney N.

“The planning, consideration, and customized lessons are so perfect for our daughter. You taught her not only academically, but how to be a good person! Thank you for your love and patience, and for treating our little one like your very own.” -Amy B.

“I am very appreciative of how informative the teachers are regarding my child’s progress.” -Arin M.

“The one-on-one time is a big plus for my child. This helps her understand some of the things that are hard to teach at home.” -Tiffany S.

“The curriculum is very educational. Our child loves all the new ways of learning, including the exciting topics.” -Tabitha C.

“The teachers are friendly, nurturing, and devoted to the children and their learning. We are so happy she is in this preschool and are confident she will be more than ready for kindergarten.” -Sheila G.

“I’m thankful that the teachers are willing to work with my daughter until she ‘gets it.’ They have also helped her interact with others better and overcome some of her shyness.” -Abbey C.