School Year Calendar

2017-2018 School Year

Sept 6                   First Day of School
Oct 2                     Whitehouse Fruit Farm Field Trip
Oct 13                   No School
Oct 30                   Harvest Party
Nov 10                  No School
Nov 20                  Thanksgiving Program and Feast
Nov 22-24             Thanksgiving Break
Dec 15                  One Hour Delay (school day will be 10am-12:30pm)
Dec 18                  Christmas Party
Dec 20-Jan 2        Christmas Break
Jan 3                     School Resumes
Jan 15                   No School
Feb 9                     One Hour Delay (school day will be 10am-12:30pm)
Feb 14                   Valentine Party
Feb 16                   No School
Feb 19                   No School
Mar 28                   Easter Party
Mar 30-Apr 4         Spring Break
Apr 5                     School Resumes
May 28                  No School
May 30                  Last Day of School/Graduation Night

**Please look for information on additional special days such as fieldtrips that will be sent home with your child**